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Shareware: You can try this program, but this version has some limited features or time usage restrictions. You should purchase it in order to remove those limits.

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Although almost every single cell phone comes with a tool that allows them to view maps and find locations, most of these mapping systems require an Internet connection. The ForeverMap by skobbler application lets you view maps with or without an Internet connection.

The great thing about the ForeverMap by skobbler app is that there is the possibility for users to contribute street view images for the already huge database. This tool already has a full database of maps for all of North American states, provinces and cities for you to view.

When you use this mapping system on your phone you will have several useful functions at your fingers including the ability to calculate the distance between different locations. The ForeverMap by skobbler is definitely a great alternative to the existing map tools.

ForeverMap all cities, all maps, all info, always also offline.

Download fully interactive maps (OSM) to your device including all available city maps for more than 30 entire countries in Europe, then use them without requiring an internet connection.

Address search, location finder, route calculation and information on places of interest are all included and work offline. This way, you can also use maps without limitations any time now.

For a great number of sights of interest, ForeverMap also includes extensive descriptions from Wikipedia. Because of advanced map compression technology, you can easily store several countries completely on your device.

You always have the choice which countries you want to store on your device. Connect your device to a WiFi network and download the maps you require as many and as often as you want. You can then use these maps everywhere without having to go online (so-called Offline Maps). That avoids frustration in any case and it also saves a lot of money abroad by avoiding roaming charges from your mobile phone provider.

It also enables you to find the optimal balance between the size of the installation and the mapping material of interest to you. Result: More free space for your music, videos, photos, and other apps.

You can also show your current location and routes for pedestrians or cars entirely without an internet connection. ForeverMap also offers searches for addresses and places of interest in the maps that you have installed.

ForeverMap uses the maps from the outstanding OpenStreetMap project (the Wikipedia of maps). You can get an impression of the generally astounding quality of the maps at We will of course update the map data in the app for you on a regular basis without charge.

This makes ForeverMap the ideal companion anywhere at any time, especially when you travel, regardless of whether you are taking a city trip (Citymaps) or a tour including areas outside the cities. You can always get your bearings and never again get lost.

Limit the displayed details of ForeverMap to what interests you with the help of easy-to-set filters. You will also get an intuitive bookmark system and a freely rotatable and zoomable map with a compass, which can be set to orient itself automatically in your direction of travel.

The new IdeaLog function allows you to let us directly know, what needs to be improved and what should be included in future updates. You can also rate and comment on suggestions of other users. Come forward and help shaping the future development of ForeverMap.

ForeverMap, the map for all for always, contains:

- Access to OpenStreetMap maps for the European countries including all cities and towns (exception: the Canary Islands)

- Completely installable countries (not just cities), which can be downloaded and deleted as often as you like

- Routes for pedestrians and cars

- Offline search for locations

- Wikipedia information for many sights

- IdeaLog for your suggestions on future improvements

- Places of interest info for restaurants, theatres, etc.

- Current position finder

- Compass functionality

- Bookmarks/favourites

- much more

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ForeverMap by skobbler 1.0 Free Download screenshot